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Mommy Makeover

What is a Mommy Makeover? 

Pregnancy is a wonderful gift, however, can lead to significant changes to a woman's physique. The abdominal muscles are separated and the overlying skin is stretched leading to loss of abdominal tone and loss of pre-pregnancy physique. The breasts can lose volume and develop a droopy appearance (ptosis). Many women are not able to counter act or reverse these changes with diet and exercise. A mommy makeover is a set of procedures which include breast surgery, tummy tuck and liposuction to restore a woman's youthful appearance. It can also be combined with other procedures such as fat grafting, arm lift, thigh lift and labioplasty.

Mommy Makeover

Why is a Mommy Makeover performed?

A mommy makeover is performed to restore and enhance a woman's breasts, abdomen and waist creating a pleasing hour-glass physique.

Breast surgery:

Breast surgery includes breast lift, breast reduction, breast augmentation, or an augmentation-mastopexy. The specific breast surgery procedure performed is individualized based on patient concerns and physical characteristics.

Tummy Tuck:

A tummy tuck, often referred to as an abdominoplasty, is performed to remove excess abdominal skin and fat while also tightening loose abdominal musculature. In addition, the abdominal skin and belly button are repositioned. The belly button is often made smaller to restore a more youthful appearance.


Liposuction of the flanks, abdomen, and axillary rolls (under arm fat) is often performed to enhance the appearance of the breasts, abdomen, and waist. The location of liposuction varies from patient to patient depending on patient preferences and physical characteristics.

Adjunct procedures:

  • Arm lift (brachioplasty)

  • Thigh lift (thighplasty)

  • Labioplasty

  • Fat transfer


How to prepare:

  • Stable weight: best results are obtained if you are at or near your ideal weight

  • Smoking cessation

  • Avoid any blood thinning medications

  • Depending on your age and medical history, you may need a pre-operative mammogram before undergoing breast surgery


What to expect: 

  • Most patients go home the same day of surgery

  • Walking is encouraged to minimize the risks of blood clots

  • You will have a compression garment after surgery to be worn for 4 to 6 weeks to assist with swelling

  • Most patients will have at least two drains which are routinely removed by two weeks

  • For the first week, we will ask you to lean forward at the waist when standing and maintain a “beach chair” position when laying down to protect your incision and allow your tissues to adapt to their new position

  • Depending on your pre-operative risk, you may be discharged home with a blood thinning medication to prevent blood clots.

  • Most patients return to work after two weeks

  • You will have to be on light activity for at least 6 weeks with gradual return to regular activity at that time

  • Dr. Diaconu will provide you with detailed post-operative instructions and will meet with you regularly throughout your entire recovery

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